Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ravi Sharma of Temperance Guest House, Panjim: No washing of clothes, contact Ravi Sharma for laundry.

Are you here in the morning?
Ravi Sharma: I am 24 hours

Celery: Where do you want to go next?
Me: Anywhere
Celery: That doesn't help
Me: I know

Celery to random girl on the road: Excuse me, where's the Miramar hostel?
Random Girl: May I join you to the Hostel?
Celery and I in our minds: But why? Who are you?
Celery to random girl: It's really your wish

Celery: How many stops to Old Goa?
Aunty in red with red lipstick and a smile: Many stops. Don't wander around after 7, have fun okay.
Celery to me: Many stops? That really helps
Me: Oh come on how sweetly she smiled

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